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LEVEL GROUND specialises in enhancing human potential through our expertise and experience in Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication Skills. Our tailored Soft Skills training workshops, Team Building and Coaching sessions are designed to be transformative and directly relevant across industries and diverse groups. Whether conducted in person or online, we aim to foster reconnection—both between team members, as well as individuals with themselves, as they realise and reignite their own potential. A complimentary Needs Analysis is performed prior to training and coaching.  

Our focus remains on diverse groups and individuals, from leadership to new recruits, where our deep-seated passion for assisting teams in understanding interpersonal dynamics, shines through.


Team Building

Portable and adaptable to ANY venue
of your choice. Allow us to assist you to shift the mindset and enhance the relationships and morale of your team. This plays a vital part in your staff seeing the importance of their roles, and fostering a renewed commitment to the ‘Big Picture’ of your organisation. 

Corporate/Soft Skills Training

Targeted training workshops for busy corporates & organisations by qualified and passionate  facilitators. Our workshops are time-saving and outcomes driven. We focus on REAL issues, which tend to be unique for each of our clients and often revolve around Emotional Intelligence, determined by a pre-training Needs Analysis.

 Personal Coaching

Offered both face-to-face as well as conveniently online, the Level Ground partnering style of coaching focuses on personal growth and accountability, actionable development of potential, and enhancement of Emotional Intelligence. An on-site Relationship Wellness / Corporate Culture Coach is also available on a retainer basis, to assist with often time-consuming interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.

Team Building

 If an unforgettable Team Build experience providing you with a lasting effect on your team dynamic is what you are looking for – you’ve come to the right place. 

Beaches, warehouses, office passages, sports fields, holiday resorts, parking lots … you name it – we have adapted around it!

Through a combination of physical, intellectual and communication puzzles and challenges suited to diverse personalities and teams, our Team Build sessions break down barriers, and improve morale and relationships. They encourage dialogue, while improving conflict management and problem solving capabilities.


With years of training and experience in coaching, quality management, organisational training and team building, we provide a customised focus on FUN collaborative effort, communication skills and challenging, strategic problem solving.

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NOTE: Quotations are customised around specific client needs, requested venues and budgets.

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Faulty perceptions and personal blind spots can result in a sense of lacking fulfilment, purpose or progression in both your personal and professional life. Your experienced LEVEL GROUND coach, Nicky Delport, will help you to clarify these and take steps in the right direction towards adaptive change and optimistic thought patterns.

With over 25 years’ experience in the education, counseling and training industry, you will be guided with questioning techniques to assist in identifying progress blockers, and internal beliefs you may hold which limit your potential and hinder your thought patterns. These form latent underlying biases which affect your ability to process your emotive responses and communicate effectively with others.

You will be challenged and guided through the coaching sessions and, in partnership with you, assisted in forming realistic steps towards achievement of goals to aid in progressive change.


 Coaching is not an instant solution and is never meant to be a replacement for psychological or psychiatric interventions. It is a process of self-discovery, where YOU as the client are responsible and accountable for your actions, and your progress. Your coach is there with you throughout the process, to be an objective assistant along the journey, to hold you accountable, and celebrate your successes with you.

Coaching services are available live online, via ZOOM, WhatsApp video or Microsoft Teams.

Your complimentary (and ‘no-obligation’) initial 20 minute online CONNECT SESSION can help you to determine whether you and the coach have the chemistry required for a productive journey going ahead. Various pricing packages are available according to your needs.

Contact Nicky  Delport on +27 846655433 / for more information or to book your appointment.

Training Solutions

EVEL GROUND offers an array of training workshops / short courses which are customised to ensure that your organisation is not losing productivity through poor communication or leadership issues, or wasting time on interpersonal emotional or conflict based issues. A thorough understanding of soft skills, and taking accountability for them, is a vital part of both quality leadership, as well as outstanding customer service.

Our workshops have been customised to suit the level and specific needs of various past client groups, from Corporates, to NPOs, Governmental groups, Medical Specialists and Management teams. Although our content is aligned to SETA standards, we have opted to rather focus on targeted, time-saving and thus more affordable training workshops, than if the materials were accredited. We offer Attendance Certificates to delegates on completion of the workshop or course. We partner with other training providers if specific accreditation is required.

Workshops are customised and interactive, with feedback provided to Management of both participant and LEVEL GROUND recommendations.

Content available includes (but is not limited to) popular staff and leadership developmental training topics such as:

* Emotional Intelligence

* Conflict Management

* Time Management

* Diversity

* Stress Management

* Understanding Personalities and associated Communication Styles

* Leadership Skills

* Open-Plan Office working.

Contact us for a complimentary discussion on what your team would benefit from most. 


Client Testimonials

The Level Ground team is so creative and intuitive. From our very first meeting I knew our team was in the most capable hands and that our varied personalities within our organisation would all be catered for. The experience provided by Level Ground was invaluable!

Leigh Hand

Regional Branch Manager, U-Rent (Pty) Ltd

Level Ground engaged our fragmented and diverse group from the start and facilitated an amazing and unforgettable Team Build session!

Laura Guest

Head of Marketing, PAHS

I had the privilege of undergoing a transformative coaching journey that reshaped my perspective and approach to both personal and professional matters. I sought coaching to enhance my leadership skills and the experience exceeded my expectations, granting me profound insights into my personality and teaching me to articulate feedback in a more professional and constructive manner. I now have a newfound ability to introspect and assess situations before reacting.


Some of our past Clients

including as Freelance Facilitation for other Training Providers:

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